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Where did the Kubby come from ?

The Bike Kubby came naturally as an extension of our experience in Motorsports internationally. Severe Weather and continued exposure are not friends or performance vehicles. We found a premium manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in design, development and creation of extreme weather camping tents, and designed an awesome shelter for our two wheeled fun. Our joint experience is protecting machines in severe outdoor conditions means we can offer a solution for protection of motorcycles in the harsh Australian environment.

The need for an affordable storage solution that offered full protection from Sun, Hail, Dust, and Rain-beyond a basic throw over cover was the reason we dedicated the time to develop the best full protection Motorcycle cover possible.

It was our intent in Bikes, manufacturing experience and awareness of a definite need that inspired us to design develop and distribute our retractable, waterproof , full protection - Bike Kubby.

Top Ten Features and Benefits are

1/ Fits all standard, sport and touring motorcycles as well as scooters, many ATVs, and bicycles

2/ Waterproof material with fully taped seams for complete weatherproof operation

3/ Provides full coverage from sun, rain, hail, snow, dust and debris.

4/ Fast assembly - less than 30 minutes, with an included transport bag for portability.

5/ Locking hardware allows the Bike Kubby to be secured in the lowered position.

6/ Side vents prevent build up of condensation.

7/ Safe place for bike-specific gear to be hung in the Kubby for easy access.

8/ Allows bike to be parked and covered even when the pipes are still hot.

9/ Optional LED Lamp for parking or general night access.

10/ Optional impact resistant flooring for additional protection and a complete shelter appearance.

The complete Kit Motorcycle Kubby starts from about $319.00 . This is the full frame cover fasteners for both Ground as well as concrete fixings.

HUGE SAVINGS from the Ulysses AGM Show at Wauchope near Port Macquarie in May 2017  

NOW available to all from $200.00 plus postage

Mobile Phone Holders.

  • Takes the phone out of your pocket, to where you can see it easily while riding.
  • All you need do then is download a FREE GPS App and your in business.
  • Also good when you are listening to music via your Blue Tooth Head Set.

Single clamp with adjustment to suit most makes and models of Motorcycles.

It has a USB style power port at the top, with jaw release at the back to let go of your phone when you wish to remove it from the carrier.

Our Mobile Phone Handle Bar Mount will suit most makes and models of mobile phones.
Our Motorcycle Phone Holder is easy to assemble and fit your mobile phone into its jaws.
All you need do is tap into you power wire and fit a Motorcycle friendly USB Socket cable supplied. It takes a Power + and Earth wire. Then mount the Motorcycle Mobile Phone Holder to your handle bars or control switch block.
Easy top install and access when fitted to your bike. Access to operate is a breeze to.

Just $34.99 + Postage.

Our ViMoto Single unit below with is an example of when fitted to the Left Hand side of a full face helmet.

The Price for V Moto S1 $189.99 each

  • Vimoto V8 comes with a 250mah battery making its capacity 850mah.
  • Vimoto V8 can be connected to
  • 3 Bluetooth devices (2 mobile phones + 1 Vimoto rear seat bluetooth headset or a mobile phone + 1 Vimoto Bluetooth adapter + 1 Rear seat bluetooth),
  • two pieces V8 have the front and rear seats talkback function, the phone can be automatically or manually answered, with a Voice Coexistence mode,
  • Will enable you to hear the sound  from Vimoto bluetooth adapter and rear seat bluetooth headset at the same time.


Examples of our DLX ViMoto Twin System above and complete with Dual Speakers attached below.

  • This system is ideal for those couples that do a lot of K's together,
  • with the boss on the back.
  • It enables you too listen to music from your mobile,
  • as well as talk together
  • all the while giving your partner the opportunity to answer the phone if the relos call.
Price for the V Moto S2 is $320.00 a Pair
SCS Blue Tooth Communications, quality that works.
Tidy packaging, just like the units that come inside.
Easy to fit by the average motorcyclist. Tidy with plenty of room to take the helmet on and off.

All the components above come in each kit.

  • The SCS Blue Tooth unit it self
  • The harness with Two speakers attached
  • Securing velcro to hold the mic
  • Harness to plug into phone or other unit if required to do so
  • Velcro speaker anchor pads
  • USB Cable for charging the unit
  • 1 Spring Loaded mount
  • 1 3M stick on mount
The SCS Blue Tooth System with work over 500 metres, but is you wish to extend this range to K's pair up with a small UHF Walkie Talkie
Price is just $245.00 each or $460.00 a pair



  • Out Moto Centric Stretch Cargo Net is so easy to use.
  • As the diagram show it just anchors to the lip of your seat, Frame, or grab handles or will piggy back on other luggage or to your top box.
  • Its ideal to have along with you to bring home those bits and pieces you collect along the way.

Sale Price $19.99


Toiletry / Soiled Clothes Bag

Toiletry / Soiled Clothes Bag

  • This Dirty Clothes bag is made of very durable mesh construction.
  • With a zipper to allow you access and ease of clothing removable and also to with stand being in a washing machine.
  • This is necessary if your clothes are sharing a washing machine at maybe a caravan park ETC.
  • The fact that they are in the bag keeps them separated from clean clothes, and other things with in your luggage storage area.

The bags come in 3 sizes. Medium $19.99 / Large $24.99 / XL $29.99


Handle Bar Risers.

Compact packaging so easy to post to you

Made from Billet Aluminium

All the fittings are supplied in the kit that you will need to install them to your bike.

East to install

  • Undo Handle Bar pad if applicable and remove.
  • Undo handle Bar caps and remove.
  • Move handle bars forward or back to give clearance to fit risers.
  • The bottom of risers fits where the handle bars were.
  • Then secure the bottom section with an allen key so the are tight.
  • re-position the handle bars, and drop over the top caps and fasten with allen Key bolts supplied.
  • Then re-fit bad to steering head assembly.
  • In some cases this will cause you to have a gap between the top of your ignition switch and the pad.
  • If its to awkward to access the switch with your key, you can get a longer key from a key cutter, like Mr Minute ETC.
  • MX10CS Just $89.00
    TO SUIT 7/8 / 22.22mm BARS
  • MX12CS Just $79.00
  • MX6CS Just $85.00
    TAPERED BARS 28.6mm
  • MX11CS Just $79.00
    HANDLEBARS 31.8mm
The image above shows the original 12mm Hex Bolts holding the handle bar caps in place.
The image above shows using a hex head socket wrench as to not damage the bolts or do damage to components.
Once you have undone the original caps, locate the risers in the seating position that the handle bars were in.
Once the caps are loosely placed at a drop of mild or medium lock tight to the bolts before tightening.
As the internal Allen Key bolts are hidden from view the lock tight makes sure they do not come loose on you when riding.
Tighten the caps equally making sure that the gap to and bottom looks the same.

Also the distance the handle bars protrude out the sides of the caps is the same measurement on both sides equally.

The last thing you need to do before feeling proud of the job you have done is to make sure they are in a comfortable position to suit you. sometimes you can make them with chalk before starting the job if not sure.

Motorcycle Gear 3 Stage Smart Charger.

Just $69.00

  • Very simple to use.
  • Keeps your vehicle batteries charged up when not in use.
  • Extends the life of your battery.
  • Comes with two harnesses, one hard wired in and the other to be used on other vehicles as you require.
  • Suitable for Motorcycles, Cars, SUV, ATV's and your boat as well.

So when you are out on your bike having fun and your car is at home or you are away for a while connect it to your car so it starts up well on your return home.

SJS 400 AMP, 12 VOLT



New 8,000mAh

A 500 and a 600 will also be listed shortly.

Lithium  Polymer Technology.

A Genuine multi-function unit.

Easy to follow directions.

It comes with a padded cary case.

  • All the components store away easily in your cary bag.
  • Personal Power Pack and Jump Starter.
  • Will jump start most vehicles.
  • Up to 4Litre (4000cc) PETROL Engines.
  • Suitable for most digital devices -  iPhone 5, iPad, Samsung, Nokia, LG, GoPro etc.
  • Ultra Compact and lightweight.
  • Simultaneous charging capability.
  • 12 Months Warranty (conditions apply) Information on the pack.
  • Insulated Jumper Leads.
  • 240V Australian standards approved 240 Volt AC / 15 Volt DC Wall Charger.
  • 12Volt DC-15Volt DC Car / Motorcycle Charger.
  • USB Cable.
  • 8 USB Interface Adapters.
  • User Manual as well as more information on the box.
  • Digital read out to let you know how much power is still available before charging.
  • Holding Charge: Up to 6 months, refer to user manual (not in use with switch off)

A great Price at $109.99

CARGOL (Top up) Tubeless Puncture Repair Kits

Remove the nail or screw from the tyre and use the Turn & Go Plug to repair it. Then the Gas Cylinders to re-inflate the tyre.

Just $32.00

Motorcycle VENHILL

Quality TOOLS

This is a Workshop Quality Tyre Gauge. Ideal for those with a Shed and its full of good Stuff.

  • Big Dial for checking at a glance.
  • Flexible arm.
  • Easy to attach valve fitting.
  • Shock resistant rubber cover.
  • Dual dial reading in both PSI & BAR Scales.
  • Reads between 0-60 PSI & 0-4 BAR'

Good Value at $46.00


SPORT WASH for ALL your Cleaning Needs.

at Motorcycle

SPORT - WASH 18 fl. oz. or (532 ml)

Cost Less To Use up to 18 Large Wash Loads from single bottle.

Just $10.00 per bottle.

Ideal for Motorcycle Clothing. Sports Shooters and just about any other sports clothing you can think of, removes Blood as well. Works well in Cold Water.

  • Restores Loft & Effectiveness to Down & Synthetic Insulation.
  • Scent Destroying Laundry Detergent.
  • Rinses Completely, Leaves nothing in your clothing,
  • Absolutely no residue,
  • No Enzymes,
  • Restores wicking,
  • Breath ability,
  • Water-Repellency and insulation.
  • For use on wool, Down,
  • Gore-Tex Fabric,
  • Cotton,
  • Silk,
  • Carbon suits and all Synthetics.

(Test for colour fastness on the manufacturers clothing tag first.)


This product we rate as one of the best made in the world.

It is a very easy to use tyre pressure gauge and the Batteries are included. 

It give a reading in PSI Between 2-100, +/- 0.1, BAR Between 0,15-700, +/- 0.1,

as well as in KPA Between 15-700, +/- 10KPA.

  • Very accurate and fit in your glove box or in your jacket pocket.
  • No more guessing at home or at the local Service Station anymore.
  • Works well with both straight as well as angle valve stems on Spoke and Alloy Wheels too.
  • It also has a tyre depth gauge to let you know how your tyre's are wearing.
  • A couple of years ago I gave a couple to some good customers to do a survey of local service stations and workshops for me.
  • What I was attempting to find out was how many different pressure readings we could get in the local area.
  • Remembering that all the gauges tested are there for you to get an accurate tyre pressure reading with on your bike.
  • Out of more  than a dozen tested only a couple were of the same reading and all were showing below what they were supposed to have in their bikes.
  • Not a lot of Riders bare aware that you have only two tyre's keeping you above the tar, and tyre pressure and tyre condition is critical to achieve this.

Just $28.00 each.

Super Compact Smart Starter

Charger Pack at Motorcycle

(Will Charge iphones, ipads etc to Starting up to a 7Litre petrol engine.)

This power pack is ideal for those with more than one vehicle. Maybe you have a car, or RV or the Caravan in the backyard. Yo may have a couple of bikes or a ride on mower or boat in the shed. This will solve your starting problems.

  • Fitted with a long life battery.
  • 16,500 Ah Lipo Battery Power Pack.
  • Insulated Jumper Leads with Metal Clamps.
  • 12Volt DC-15Volt DC Car Charger.
  • USB Cable and 4 USB Interface Adapters.
  • 12Volt, 16Volt, and 9Volt Interface Jump Port Adapters.
  • User Manual.
  • Has a breakdown light fitted into the unit.
  • Easy removable jumper leads that only attach to the unit one way and are at different lengths not to short.
  • Multiple attachments so you can charge your phone, Lap Top or Tablet as well as many other devices.

A Quality Price of $199.95 to get all you toys Started again.

Keeps your hands protected from the elements.
Strong, Robust construction.
All the components you require come in a kit.
The components blend in with existing parts of your bike.
The TRIUMPH Speed Triple
Yamaha "V" Star Cruiser.
But give you added protection against flying rocks and sticks etc that other vehicles wheels through up at you.
The components look and fit that good its as though the factory made them especially for you.
The Plastic guards protect you from, Cold, Rain and flying debris.

. Storm plastic guard with 1" (25.4mm) inner handlebar mounting brackets.

Designed specifically for custom/cruiser style bikes and mounted to a single point on the handlebars.

Offers excellent protection from the wind and cold weather. 

Provides great wind and cold weather protection but minimal crash protection as there is no aluminium backbone or handlebar end mounting. 

Available in Black and Chrome.

They not only add value to your bike, but also enhance the bikes appearance as well.

1999 Honda CB750 with S1 handguards
Works well with faired bikes and scooters.
Works well with all naked bikes as well.

BBZ - 01 Handguard:

Multi Fit fabric construction, built for blizzard conditions.

  • Designed for faired and Sports Touring Motorcycles.
  • Suitable for most motorcycles.
  • Self supporting under wind pressure.
  •  Anti - Flap design.
  • Leaves controls free of interference.
  • Flexes around fairing / windscreen at full lock.
  • Trusted Barkbusters quality.
  • Maximum protection with style.

Multiple mounting options include fitting:

  • To handle bar weight.
  • To hollow handlebar
  • Over existing aluminium handguard backbone.

(All parts included)

                                       Storm plastic guard with handlebar end mounting for hollow bars.

This system will work on many bikes that do not have space available on the handlebar for the S1 single point mount.

Provides great wind and cold weather protection but minimal crash protection.

The aluminium frame mounts solely to the end of the handlebar and incorporates a unique internal locking system to secure the handguard in place.

Fits hollow handlebars from 7/8th (22mm) to 1" (25.4mm).



VPS Plastic guard with universal mounting kit.

(Complete Set)



The design incorporates high impact nylon brackets to firmly support the plastic VPS guard. The universal design allows for plenty of adjustment in most directions.



For extra protection the optional Variable Height Wind Deflector can also be added. (BHG4)

Available in Black, Blue,Green, Orange, Red, Silver, Pink, White, and Yellow.




Variable height wind deflector set.

Available in White or Black.


Universal mounting kit for VPS Plastic guard.

BHG7 - UMK with B60



Optional Aluminum clamp frame for VPS MX Handguard.


Mini Barkbusters aluminium bar set.

Note: Includes mounting kit for 7/8" / 22mm handlebar


Saddle Set adaptor kit for straight 28.5mm bars.

Use with JET01/ES1 on straight section 28.5mm bars such as Renthal

Twin Wall or Barkbusters VS Bar.


Complete Kits are priced from $120.00 to about $180.00

depending on your requirements.

Example of MC021 and MC022

Example of MC023 M to XL

Above MC022 Cover Packaged

in Water Resistant & Water Proof Styles

Above MC023 Cover Packaged

Dust & Water Proof


Three Styles of Bike Covers

MC021-S/M MotoCentric PVC Motorcycle Cover S/M $34.99
MC021-L/XL MotoCentric PVC Motorcycle Cover L/XL $39.99

MC022-M Mototrek Motorcycle Cover M $49.99
MC022-L Mototrek Motorcycle Cover L $54.99
MC022-XL Mototrek Motorcycle Cover XL $55.99
MC022-2XL Mototrek Motorcycle Cover 2XL $59.99

MC023-M Centrek Motorcycle Cover M $84.99
MC023-L Centrek Motorcycle Cover L $89.99
MC023-XL Centrek Motorcycle Cover XL $94.99
MC023-2XL Centrek Motorcycle Cover 2XL $99.99


The TOM CAT Air compressor

Will inflate all your tyres with some patience.

You may have to allow a little more time with

bigger tyre on Larger Cruisers,

Sports Bikes and Cars etc.

All you need is in the Kit to do the job for you.

RR $44.99

Tomcat Mini-Air Compressor Instructions


Thank you for purchasing our product. Please read these instructions carefully first. It will guide you on how to use it safely and what you should pay attention to.


It's intended use is for motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s, bicycles, sports balls, and camping equipment. The enclosed parts list is as follows:


Compressor unit

30cm extension alligator clips

91cm extension lighter adapter

Sports needle adapter

Inflatable adapter

Complete instructions

Zippered carry case


Instructions for use:


1. Remove the power cord from the back of the compressor cavity.

2. Choose either the lighter adapter or alligator clip adapter.

3. Connect the chosen adapter to the power cord.

4. Insert the lighter adapter to power source outlet if being used.

5. Attach the black clip to the negative battery cable where meets the terminal.

6. Attach the red clip to the positive battery cable where it meets the terminal.

7. The LED light will shine to confirm that power is going to the compressor.

B. Screw the threaded connector securely to valve stem of the tyre.

9. Press in the yellow on/off switch to begin inflating.

10. Once the desired pressure is reached, switch off the unit and repack components.


When inflating sports balls or camping equipment, just screw the desired adapter into the connector that normally goes onto the tire valve.




1. In order to keep the air flowing smoothly do not bend or press on the air hose.

2. Do not operate continually for more than 30 minutes.

3. If the compressor is making an abnormal sound or its temperature is too high, please turn off immediately and let it cool for at least 20 minutes.

4. Do not exceed 80psi.

5. Do not leave the compressor unattended while in operation and pay attention to the pressure reading on the gauge to avoid over-inflating.

5. Do not operate in wet conditions.

6. Never put the air hose in the mouth, ear, or eye of a human being or animal. This item is not a toy and should not be used by children.

7. Be sure to use this air compressor and its accessories according to the manufacturer's instruction for the sake of your safety.

8. No alteration shall be made to the item, and only the accessories supplied by the manufacturer should be used.

9. If the compressor fuse is blown, only replace with another 10 amp fuse.




1. The purchaser of this compressor can enjoy the following one year guarantee with proof of purchase.

2. The product can be exchanged provided it is complete and without damage.

3. The following are not within the scope of the warranty: damage caused by force major,

disassembly of parts or housing, accidental damage such as: high temperature, water penetration, broken/abrasion, scratches, or broken motor due to working under high-voltage power supply.

Our Dry Bags come in Three sizes Small, Medium &

Large to enable you to get your gear,to where you

are going without getting wet or full of dust.

Price for Small 15Ltr $19.99

 ''  ''  ''  Medium 20Ltr $22.99

  '' '' '' '' '' ''Large 30Ltr $24.99

Black Larger Dry Bags in 3 Sizes

Small $34.99,

Medium $36.99

and XLarge $39.99

MCO26-Moto Trek K 2Piece Rain Suit Grey Black & Yellow Black

Moto Centric 2 Colours available $99.99

New shipment arrives mid January

MCO26-Moto Trek K 2Piece Rain Suit Yellow

Moto Centric S,M,L,XL $99.99

New shipment arrives mid January

MCO21 Centric 1 Piece Rain Suit

Moto Centric S,M,L,XL $99.99

New shipment arrives mid January

Strong construction


Dry no matter what the style of boots or joggers you may wear.

Reinforced Toe area with a cross over strap across the sole.

This stops the boot cover from rising up and it stays in position.

Triple security on side with Velcro and zip

Easy to get on even over large constructed boots.

Final top of zip security strap to take any load from the velcro as well as the Zipper.

Moto Centric Over Boots

Ideal to have with you just incase you get a bit of rain or an annoying shower. Also keeps the chill out when riding in the winter months as well. Easy to put on , will cover every style of shoe from your bike boots to a pair of joggers. Ideal for riding a distance on anything from a Sports Bike to a Scooter. Large size range to choose from as well.

• Heavy duty pvc coating
• Top cuff keeps water out
• Slip over boots
• Reflect-A-Light® reflective piping
MOTOTREK BOOT COVERS           Moto Centric Over Boots Price all sizes $35.00
Part Number


Address: Berkeley Vale NSW 2261
Mobile: 0400 015 731